Dear first, second and third levels students with FAILURES 
in the Preparatory year subjects,

I know that some of you still have some Failures among the 
Preparatory year subjects that must be passed to progress 
to the next level or to graduate the university. As you 
already know, this year we are organizing the examination 
session for the Preparatory year earlier than usual and 
before the regular summer session starts, that is from 
April 24 to June 19.
 For this reason, you will have the 
possibility of taking these exams early without 
interfering with your regular session.
As a result, you will be allowed not to include these 
subjects in the six which you must choose for the Summer 
However, let me remind you that at the end of the Academic 
Year you will not be allowed to progress to the next 
level, or to become a graduating student, unless you have 
passed all Preparatory Year exams, as written in the 
regulations that are available through the Moodle 

You vice- rector Andrea De Marchi

Oxirgi o'zgartirish: Thursday, 1 June 2017, 9:10 AM