Important Announcement!

Dear Students,

 Taking into the account that we are facing a critical situation due to the increasing usage of mobile phones during the exam sessions, the Disciplinary Committee of TTPU has decided immediately to implement the following disciplinary actions:

1. If the student is caught with mobile phone during the exam he or she WILL BE BANNED from taking any exams during the ongoing session. In addition, if the student repeats this offense throughout his/her academic career he or she WILL BE EXCLUDED from the university without a permission to be reinstated to TTPU.

 2. If the student tries to bring the mobile phone to an examination and is caught before entering the classroom he or she WILL BE EXCLUDED from this exam. In addition, he or she WILL SKIP the next call of this subject.

 Best regards,


                                                                                        The Vice Rector on Academic Affairs and Research         

(on Behalf of the TTPU Disciplinary Committee)


Last modified: Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 9:27 AM