Topics of Final Work

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    Abdulla Saidov

    Resource and energy efficient technologies in auto industy

    Advanced technologies and materials for automotive industry

    The mechanical processing of engine block cylinder in GM PT Uzbekistan


    Doniyor Tojikhonov




    Franco Pellerey

    Hazard rate function and its applications in survival analysis


    Mahalanobis distance and its applications in multivariate control charts


    Non linear measures of dependence


    Non parametric hypothesis testing




    Giovanni Ummarino

    Applications of superconductivity ;


    Otabek Abdurakhmonov

    The Proca equations

    A numerical solution Boundary value problem for Pseudo parabolic equation




    Khurshid Shaymardanov

    Project proposal on energy efficient technologies, case study: Solar panels' implementation in Almalyk Mining and

    Smelting Plant  (AMSP)

    Alisher Murodullaev

    Case study of spindle rotation in cotton picking machines

    Hojimurod Yusupov

    “The body part of Automobile”

    Abdulhamid Shukurov




    Kasim Khusanov

    Web application of educational materials for children

    Irodakhon Ibrokhimova

    Nozima Salimova

    Software development for the modelling in engineering

    Abdukakhkhor Mukhamadjonov




    Kamilla Mannanova

    Augmented reality in design

    Feasibility study for using solar energy as a power supplier for administrative offices

    Zukhriddin Abduboqiev

    Application of energy efficient techniques in buildings

    Diyorakhon Murodkosimova

    Use of solar energy in buildings

    Sanjar Ibrokhimov

    Smart home

    Sitora Alimjonova



    Marco Codegone

    Some remarks on the analytic continuation of the series of functions

    Some principles of Random transform and computed tomography




    Fabrizio Barpi

    Optimal positioning of strain gauges on a tractor-trailer

    Theary of Plates (Part2) Demonstration tool for plate behavior: some calculations

    Jakhongir Nurmamatov

    Theory of Plates(Patr 1). Demonstration tool for plate behavior:preliminary design.Sketch of the model (assembled, disassembled …) in order to prepare all the parts necessary to the model and to explain the desired behaviour

    Nozim Saidov

    Structural stability and accuracy of astronomical observations for the Ulugh Beg Observatory





    Bakhodir Kholboev

    Nonlinear dynamics is structural mechanics 

    Hindol Qodirov

    Tools and methods for investigations on underplatform damper inner mechanics


    Yakhyokhon Turakulov

    Assessment of size effects through Gaussian specimens.


    Sarvarjon Kholmatov

    Statistical ditribution of Transmission Fatigue Strength

    Sherali Kenjaev




    Oksana Ismailova

    Hydration of lanthanide ions in aqueous solution: molecular dynamics study

    Structure and dynamics of water model in computer simulations

    Cluster formation in water-alcohol systems

    Mirzo Isaev



    Chikahiro Minowa

    Earthquake Responses of Liquid Storage Tanks

    Simple Damage Response Analysis of Heritage Building to Earthquake



    Jambul Yusupov

    Uncertainty of the least squares parameters: gradient-based method vs. bootstrap

    Kernel density estimation: the theory and a practical application

    Continuous casting process modeling

    Abbosjon Makhamatov

    Heat transfer problems: modeling and numerical simulations

    Bakhtiyor Ohunjonov

    The maximum likelihood estimation of a measured circle center

    Shehnazar Ozodov



    Sandro Moos

    Tolerance stack up-analysis on compliant assemblies

    Deep drawing and Ironing process simulation


    Khayotullo Ismatullaev

    Numerical simulation of nonlinear differential equations: Gross-Pitaevskii equation with anharmonic potential






    Graziano Ubertalli

    Die casting technology-Parameters` influence

    Azimjon Abduvokhobov

    Metal foam-Production, properties and application in production of components

    Behzod Sobirov

    Control parameters of automatic processes in a die casting plant.

    Preheating and paint anodic electro-coating.

    Mechanical working (drilling, cutting, polishing) of die cast component

    Mansur Kholikulov


    Ikrom Kambarov

    Feasibility study Agricultrial Robots in field of Uzbekistan


    Davron Matrasulov

    (for bachelor students)


    Modeling of velocity and temperature dependence between two discs;




    Modeling of the surface roughness evolution in the friction of two rotating discs;


    Design of optical fiber networks with reflectionless light propagation;


    Modeling of light caustics in simple resonators;


    Basic mechanisms of charge transport in organic solar cells;

    Jasurbek Shokirov



    Davron Matrasulov

    (for master students)


    Deformation modeling in branched solid materials;


    Shape dependent deformation modeling in solid structures;


    Crack networks modeling;


    Elasticity modeling in branched polymer materials;


    Hydrodynamics of branched capillary tubes.




    Jamshid Inoyatkhodjaev

    Using alternative energy sources as vehicle fuel

    Bahodir jalilov

    Next generation mechatronics for cars

    Khojiakbar Shermamatov

    Possible ways of application Photovoltaic cell to Uzbekistan and analysis their performance by “Photovoltaic solar energy modular trainer “equipment

    Abrorjon Qazoqov

    Determining the quality of vehicle assembly by contactless CMM

    Otabek Razzaqov

    Using solar energy for heating system in buildings

    Boburmirzo Juraev

    Aerodynamic Analysis of a car for reducing drag force

    Otabek Halikov

    Engine Mechatronics elements

    Avazbek khakimov


    Shahbozbek Abdunabiev

    "Bioinformatics tools"


    IOS mobile application for long distance ridesharing system

    Abdumalik Malikjonov

    Mobile application for university teaching portal

    Jasurbek Fayziev

    Abdulbois Tursunov



    Tohirjon Pulatov


    Development of a device for the filtration of automotive waste oils

    Tursunkhujaev Madaminbek

    Vehicles ventilation and air conditioning systems improvement

    Abdulhamid Khudoyshukurov

    Durability tests of vehicles and their parts for measuring of vehicle parameters;

    Utkirbek Isroilov

    Issues of installing of CVT to Chevrolet Gentra

    Djamaldinov Davron

    Improving and benefits of biogas

    Mirzamahmudov Jasur



                          Olim Ruzimuradov

    Mansur Asranov

    Contribution  of soybean oil to the development of an engine lubricant

    Jahongir Fozilov

    Building network infrastructure for educational campus of TTPU using wired and wireless communication technologies

    Khasanboy Shoraimov

    Development of management electronic controlled system of library of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent

    Akmalbek Kilichbekov
    Mirabbos Zokhidov



    Abdurasul Yarbekov

    Dye sensitized solar cells. Efficiency and volt ampere characteristics.

    Savlatjon Yarmukhamedov



    Production of solar panels

    Davron Matnazarov

    The battery charging types of electric cars and hybrids

    Davron Khamidov

    Electra bicycles

    Dilshod Begmatov

    The study of high speed combustion of composite solid propellants

    Sardor Kayumov

    Vint generators, efficiency of vint generators

    Azizbek Olloyorov

    Installation of wind generators and effectivenes of their use

    Ulug`bek Kodirov

    Electric power transmission line 500kw

    Behzod Salimov 


    Carlo Stefano Ragusa

    Application of frequencies converters

    Yokub Tairov


    Erkin Khaltursunov

    Study of Management and Control of Waste Construction Materials in Civil Construction Project

    Shokhrukh Kudratov



    Dilshat Tulyaganov



    Synthesis of bioactive glass and its characterization by means of biological testing

    Khasan Abdukayumov

    Porous ceramix scaffolds for tissue engineering: state of the art and new perspectives

    Davlatjon Batirov






    Uktam Salomov


    Software design and development on wearables devices

    Mukhiddin Ibragimov

    Automotive range extender based on PEM fuel cell

    Valijon Karimov

    Alternative energy sources: Solar to electricity

    Islombek Saparmatov

    Targeting of magnetic nanoparticles in blood vessel

    Jamoliddin Nosirov

    Uzbekistan energy/Power sector issues

    Lazizkhon Umidov


    Maksudbek Baydjanov

    Bending losses in multimode optical fibers




    Dilnoza Rakhimboeva

    The role of industrial PLCs (programmable logic controller) in the field of automation

    Bakhodir Toshmatov

    Measurement of ultra- fast changing temperature using fiber optic non-contact method 

    Madumar Musurmonov 


    Guido Marchetto

    Building of video conference platform for educational institutions

    Temur Ganiev

    Development of testing system for TTPU on a web platform

    Tohirjon Yusupov


    Francesco Gregoretti

    Tandem Car Control


    Davronbek Toshpulatov

    PLC based intelligent traffic control system

    Ulfat Abjabborov


    Vladimir Khokhlov with 

    docent Janna Titova

    (for bachelor students)


    Using hydraulic press in production of school globes

    Bobir Zokirov

    The equipment for testing of car dynamic parameters in assembly shop

    Mukhamadjon Juraev

    Welding equipment and processes for car body production

    Mirzohid Jabaraliev


    Correction methods of identified defects in the process of car body welding

    Odiljon Akhmadaliyev


    Vladimir Khokhlov

    (for master students)


    Technical justification of hydraulic parameters of the shaking table


    Application of advanced electronic flowmeters of oil products in industry

    Nodirbek Abdurakhmonov

    The role of industrial programmable logic controllers in the field of car assembly automation 


    Application of programmable logic controller in the development of the electronic flowmeters in industry 


    Shosaid Somagrufov


    Vladimir Khohlov

    For bachelor students

    Efficiency of hybrid electric engine and its comparison with internal combustion engine

    Bobirbek Kholmatov


     Janna Titova
    (for bachelor students)

    Special lubricants and glues for car assembly

    Sarvar Nabiev

    The filling equipment for transmission oil of cars based on their options



    Pneumatic tools for fixing car parts

    Odiljon Qobilov


    Technical characteristics of shaking table’s hydraulic equipment




    Matteo Filippi



    Gear Box Load Analysis

    Duryodbek Tolibjonov


     Malikov Azamatjon


    Analysis and Implementation of up to day Technologies for Electrification of 

    Locally Produced Vehicles



    Zafarjon Temurov

    Automation of the water level measuring stations by implementing GSM modules

    Bobirkhon Mirsaatov

    Modeling of robots with two degree of freedom and analysis their performances

    Malika Keldiyarova

    Design of soil water tank and their role in the irrigation system



    Nuriddin Adilov

    Umidjon Egamov

    Implementation of turbochargers to Naturally Aspirated engines

    And their performances


    Ravshanbek Khilvatov


    Sharipov Kongratbay

    Implementation of braille cell with stepper motor linear actuator and inductive actuator

    Lazizbek Yusupov

    Optimization of problems in engineering field

    Nodirjon Irgashev

    Design of a new electric city car and its application in Uzbekistan(Tashkent)as a public transport for car sharing service

    Rustam Kobilov

    Bio Prosthetical Robot hand

    Firdavs Nematzoda

    Automation in industry Color sorter

    Sanjar Zalilov

    Vehicle dynamics

    Islombek Atahanov

    Using HHO hydrogen generation in automobile

    Davron Abibullaev

    Dynamic finite Element Analysis of a car in case of frontal crash. Simulation through computer aided evaluated

    Maftun Muhammad

    The planetary rover wheels


    Durbek Abdullayev


    Luca Ardito


     Designing a Database for Managing Academic Conferences and Business Events


    Abstract: During tis thesis the student will analyze the context of academic 
    conferences and business events in order to design a database 
    able to store information about the program of event (keynotes, sessions, 
    presentations, social events etc.). After the design phase,  the student has to 
    implement the designed database in a MySql environment also providing some 
    mechanisms that prevent the insertion of non valid data.


    Olga Bekchanova


    Abror Hoshimov


                        Sustainable urban technologies

    Madiyor Mirtursunov


    Bobur Nabiyev


    Project development for chip drying before remelting

    Nozim Mirkhaydarov


    Sarvar Usmanov




                                  Mobile application



    Habiba Abdieva

    Zohidjon Akbarov


    Modeling in engineering: customer relationship management software in banking system

    Sahakhboz Alibaev


    Jaloliddin Yusupov


    Structuralized timetable generator with attendance control



    Ismoiljon Iminokhunov

    Ibrokhim Nasrullaev


    Ahtam Djalilov


    Hydrogen motors and their application in local motor market to the local models

    Sukhrob Jabborov




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