4. Regulation of Final Work

Bylaw of the student final work

In order to harmonize the final work owed by each student, the assignment, the supervision, the tutoring and the evaluation criteria of the work are regulated by a set of rules and requirements settled up in the following items.

1. Subjects are defined by TTPU Faculty members (Supervisors) from the B.Sc. academic program in charge of any teaching module in the program. Supervisors oversee the students' work, as well as undertake the responsibility of the coherence and the substance of the work carried out by each student self-sufficiently.

2. The Supervisor may have recourse to an Uzbek tutor to be defined from time to time (preferably but not necessary an academician). The tutor will be able to help the student and the supervisor as well, giving continuity to the relationship with the student.

3. The students will be allowed to start their thesis only after having achieved 140 out of the total amount of 180 credits in the three years BS curriculum.

4. The average amount of the required students' work will be around one and a half man- months, with a tolerance of half man month (i.e. min 1 man-month; max 2 man-months).

5. The duration of the work won't be less than a month but not even more than 8 months: in case the students should be late because of the remaining exams, the work will be officially overruled and the students will have to renew the application.

6. The period of the thesis will have to finish 10 days before the graduation session and the students will have to hand over the relevant form to the Deanery, with the Supervisor's approval. It is the Supervisor responsibility to confirm that the work done by the student has reached a sufficient level.

7. The Degree Committee will be made up of 5 Supervisors at least (presence by videoconference is admitted); the tutors may join the Committee as auxiliary members, without any role in the work evaluation.

8. The final score is determined on a scale from 0 to 3, and added to the average of the examination marks (prorated to a 110 basis) obtained by the student in the B.Sc. program. In case the sum exceeds 110, the "cum Laude” (with honor) level of distinction is acknowledged. The score is established by the Degree Committee on the basis of the student's work, his/her skill to discuss it, and the Supervisor evaluation (the Supervisor proposes the evaluation, above all on the basis of the student's abilities to self-sufficiently develop the work, also considering how difficult it is).

The score will be awarded according to the following evaluation criteria:

3 - Very good (definitely higher than the average corresponding to the 10% top)

2 - Good (good work on average)

1 - Quite good 0 - Pass

In case of a definitely weak dissertation, the Degree Committee may reject the work (which is evaluated "Failed”) and ask the student to repeat the final examination.

9. The students have to submit their application form to the Deanery well in advance (deadlines will be stated at each examination session), containing the subject of the thesis approved by the Supervisor, the name of the Supervisor, the possible name of the Uzbek tutor and the place of carrying out the work. The Supervisor is required to confirm for acceptance to the Deanery via e-mail. The Dean in charge or - in case of absence - the Academic vice-Rector is required to approve the work assignment. The application is accepted or refused within a week and student is informed by the Deanery.

10. The proposed thesis subjects along with the corresponding Supervisor will be published on the TTPU educational web-platform (Moodle system). It is responsibility of the students to contact the Supervisor and ask him for a preliminary consensus.

Tashkent, September 22nd - 2014

Pro-Rector on Academic
and Scientific Matters Prof. Andrea De Marchi