3. Regulation about graduates

                Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent

Requirements for graduation and

awarding of B.Sc. Degree


This regulation is set of General Rules and requirements of awarding Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree by graduate students according to Curriculum Plan of B.Sc. Program of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The Regulation is based on the European Educational Standards and Requirements of the Turin Polytechnic University (Italy) taking into account the Educational Standards of Uzbekistan.


The B.Sc. Degree is conferred by the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TPU Tashkent) under the Academic responsibility of the Politecnico di Torino (hereafter POLITO).

The Academic curriculum meets the requirements of the Italian law and is integrated with specific subjects in order to complain with local requirements set up by the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TPU Tashkent) are awarded B.Sc. Degree after having received 180 ECTS credits, as well as successfully completed and discussed their Final Project Work in front of the appointed Degree Board of teachers.

The accepting and evaluation of graduate work are regulated by the "Bylaw of the student final work" and it is the responsibility of Degree Board.

In force of the agreement between the two universities, TPU and POLITO, students who will be awarded B.Sc. Degree by TPU (Uzbek diploma) will receive a corresponding B.Sc. Degree by POLITO (Italian diploma).


1.Students who have completed 3rdlevel B.Sc. Academic Program of TPU Tashkent with 180 ECTS credits and have no Tuition debts get the "GRADUATING" status and they are allowed to apply for evaluation of their Final Work to the Degree Board. The evaluation of Final Work is organized as a presentation.

2.Students who finished 4 Year B.Sc. with less than 180 credits but not less than 120 credits can get the "GRADUATING” status. They can apply for Extra-Examination on any subject not passed, yet. The Extra-Examination is authorized on a Contract-payment basis and the applicant is admitted to the corresponding examination organized for regular students during the first available planned Examination Session.

3.Students who finished 3rdlevel B.Sc. program with less than 120 credits must repeat the 3rdlevel and cover the corresponding  tuition fee.

4.GRADUATING studentswhose Final Project Work is rejected by the Degree Board are not awarded the diploma. They can apply later for a new Final Project Work.


ForGRADUATINGstudent all Examinations are considered asExtra-Examinationexcept for the third call of Examination on the subjects of the last semester.

1.1.Extra-Examinationfee forGRADUATINGstudent is settled as 250 000 UZS  per subject Examination which covers all the expenses related to organizing of Examination procedures and work of Professors involved.

1.2.The fee is paid in Sum's at the official Exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan at the date of payment.

1.3.GRADUATING student who wishes to attend Extra-Examination have to apply well in advance to the Marketing Department in order to sign a Contract and pay Examination fees for the chosen subjects, at least one month before the beginning of Examination Session.

1.4. Dean's office is responsible for preparation of the List of participants of Extra-Examinationand for announcing it at least 1 working day before Examination.

1.5.The payment for Extra-Examination will not be returned and the result will be cancelled in case of absence, withdraw of Exam Work and the breaking of Examination Rules. If a student misses Examination caused by health problems then the payment will be reserved and can be used for the next Examination.

1.6.The Regulations and Procedures for Extra-Examination are the same as the Regular Examination Regulations including limitation to the number of examinations that can be taken.

Pro-Rector on Academic and

Scientific Matters

Prof. Andrea De Marchi                      

                             21 October 2016