Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent

B.Sc. Study Program



This regulation is set of General Rules and requirements of study, academic progression and Assessment Criteria for students according to Curriculum Plan of B.Sc. Program of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The Regulation is based on the European Educational Standards and Requirements of the Politecnico di Torino in Italy (PoliTo) taking into account the Educational Standards of Uzbekistan.


Study in Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TTPU) is contract-payment based, therefore a student can be admitted or readmitted, progressed to the next level after payment for study is fully covered by a deadline indicated in the Contract between TTPU and the student.

Annual Curriculum Plan of the University consists of two semesters.


Admission to the University, exclusion from the University, transferring, and readmission of student are based on the Rules and Requirements of Turin Polytechnic University (Italy) taking into account the Regulation on Higher Education Institutions of Educational Standards of Uzbekistan.

1.Admission and Study requirements

Admission to TTPU is arranged by the Order of the Rector, based on the decision of the Admission Committee coordinated by the Pro-Rector on Academic and Scientific Matters.

Applicants must comply with the following requirements in order to be admitted to the University and to attend the classes:

·to pass the Admission test (Entrance Examination) and meet all requirements stated by Admission Committee.

·to pay the tuition fees within the deadline indicated in the Contract.

Two kind of payment are possible, only:

full installment (for the whole Academic Year);

two installments (one for each semester).

Both of them and their deadlines must be regulated by the Contract. In both cases, the required amounts must be paid in advance with respect to the academic activity (teaching classes, examinations, etc.) to which the payment is related.

2.Exclusion from the University

Student will be excluded from the University by order of the Rector in the following cases:

By the request of the student him/herself.

If a student misses 74 academic hours without a previous authorization of the University.

If tuition fees are not paid within the deadline set up in the Contract.

In case such a disciplinary measure taken against the student, is included in the Student Regulation of the University.

If a student goes abroad during study period without preliminary authorization of the University.

Student will be excluded from the University if credits achieved by the student is less than 180 and more than 120 at the end of the 3rd level B.Sc. Academic Program or will be admitted to repeat the 3rd level upon written request by the student. Their further movement towards awarding a B.Sc. degree will be regulated by the "Requirements for graduation and awarding of B.Sc. degree”.

Students whose credits are less than 120 at the end of the 3rd level B.Sc. Academic Program must repeat 3rd level according to the rules provided by this Regulation.

3.Transferring, Repeating and Readmission requirements

TransferringRepeating and Readmission must be arranged before the beginning of each Academic Year. Transfer in means transfer from other Universities to TTPU and transfer out - from TTPU to other Universities

For all of them, students must apply in written form to the Rector.

Transfer within TTPU and Re-admission will be arranged by the Order of the Rector, based on the decision of the Vice-Rector for Academic issues. Students who wish to transfer out to other Universities should submit a written request. Dean office will provide official transcripts by the Order of the Rector.

Transfer in of students from other Universities to TTPU is possible under the following requirements:

Education system of the University must comply ECTS standards or country of origin of the University must be a member the Bologna process. Teaching of all subjects in the University must be in English language.

Transferring in student must have valid IELTS certificate with a minimum 5.0 score.

Admission Committee of TTPU determines the level of enrollment in accordance with the "Progression requirements” given in this document and Official Academic Transcripts of the student.

For Transfer in to first level it is required that a student has studied at least one academic year of BSc study program in the University of origin and passed the Admission test administered by PoliTo.


An examination is made of written and/or oral questions, not necessarily with the same weight and relevance to the assessment purpose. The overall examination in a teaching module may include different pieces of work to be performed individually. The mark awarded for an individual piece of work will contribute to the overall assessment of the module according to the rules that teachers will set up and present to students in the lectures.

Please also refer to specific assessment criteria set out in the module documentation and provided by teachers.

Passed exams are graded satisfactory, good or excellent when a module has been attempted and the overall marks of 18-20, 21-25 or 26-30 are respectively achieved.

Students are not allowed to retake again any passed examination. Students have rights to cancel their exam work before the official announcement by the Professor.

Complaints for examination results must be done within one week after result publication and with written motivations.

Graduate students must pass the examinations in every teaching module included in the approved Study Program. A module is recorded as passed when an overall mark equal or greater than 18 out of 30 is achieved. A module is recorded as failed when an overall mark is less than 18.

General Assessment Criteria

Mark Range


The outcome does not contain much relevant material, makes a limited or no serious attempt to answer the question, and has little or no coherence. What little evidence exists to show that learning has taken place is interspersed with nonsense.



The student attempts to answer the questions but is only partially successful in doing so, with most of fundamental materials included, though some misunderstandings and/or errors of fact may occur. The outcome should show at least an overall gist of the issues, but may lack structure and be poorly written.



The student demonstrates a good awareness of theoretical issues, problems and solution methods, and at least a detailed understanding of the major issues. Reading is likely to go beyond basic textbooks, and should show at least a basic ability to prove underlined theories related to the subject. Written outcomes should be well-structured and well-written.



Beyond the aforementioned requirements of "Good” criteria, the student is supposed to possess original insight and a clear ability to discuss underlined issues. There should be a full understanding of theoretical issues. Written outcomes should be well-structured and well-written.




The University has regulations that govern the student's progression through the yearly courses planned in their Study Program.

All students on Preparatory, 1st and 2nd Academic Levels must successfully complete their workload within the Academic Year, for their progression to the next level. In case students don't complete their workload, progression is allowed under conditions defined according to the following rules.

Progression rules from Preparatory Level to 1st Academic Level

Students who have no more than one failure of the Study Program progress to 1st Academic Level.

Students who have two failures are not allowed to progress. They may repeat the Preparatory Level as REPEATING students, provided that Contract requirements are satisfied.

Students who have more than two failures are not allowed to progress and they cannot repeat the Preparatory Level as REPEATING students. In order to be re- admitted to TTPU such students must retake the admission test as a new applicant. 

For students who has no IELTS certificate with at least 5.0 scores no progress is allowed.

Students must provide IELTS certificate with at least 5.0 scores before the end of Academic year in order to continue to study in the University. Otherwise, they will be excluded from the University.

Progression rules from 1st Academic Level to 2nd Academic Level

Students are allowed to progress from the 1st to the 2nd Academic level if they have no exam failure to PY and get AT LEAST 30 out of the 60 credits planned for the 1st Academic level.

Students must repeat the 1st Academic level if they get LESS THAN 30 credits out of the 60 credits planned for the 1st Academic level or if they have any failures among Preparatory level modules.

Progression rules from 2nd Academic Level to 3rd Academic Level

Students who have no exam failure to PY and get a total amount of 70 credits out of 120 credits planned for the 1st and the 2nd Academic Levels can progress to the 3rd level.

Students must repeat the 2nd Academic level if they get LESS THAN 70 credits out of the 120 credits planned for the 1st and 2nd Academic levels or if they have any failures among Preparatory level modules.

Graduating student status

If students, at the end of 3rd level, obtained at least 120 credits out of Total amount of credits (180) planned for all the 3 levels of Bachelor Degree Program  and have no failures among Preparatory level modules obtain GRADUATING status according to the rules set in the "Regulation about Graduates”.

Students who obtained less than 120 credits at the end of 3rd level must repeat the 3rd level.

Repeating students

Repeating students are allowed to pay the annual tuition fee at 50% discount. The discount is given only once per Repeating Year and is not applied for Readmitted or Transferred students.

Pro-Rector on Academic

and Scientific Matters

Prof. Andrea De Marchi

21 October 2016