1. General Regulations of Examination

Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent
B.Sc. Study Program
General Regulations of Examination
(all students)


This regulation is set of Rules and requirements for organization of Examination of the knowledge and academic progress of students of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. The Regulation is based on the European Educational Standards and Requirements of the Turin Polytechnic University (Italy) taking into account the Educational Standards of Uzbekistan.

The student knowledge on the discipline is assessed by the Examination, which consists in individual work based on knowledge acquired from teachers, as well as with individual study, practice, and experimental laboratory activities.

Examination and evaluation of the academic progress of students are under the responsibility of Italian teachers and coordinating professors. They guarantee the coherence between TTPU and PoliTo tests, with regard to both test and evaluation. The responsibility will be transferred to local teachers only after PoliTo officially authorized and certified them as adequate.

The evaluation criteria of the Exam are defined by the professor and must be based on "the Study Regulations and Assessment Criteria of TTPU”.

The Schedule of Examinations, as well as duration, modality, venue and list of participants are defined by the relevant Department under supervision of the Pro-rector on Academic and Scientific issues.

Schedule of Examinations

Exams will be held in two sessions according to the following schedule:

     Winter session

First call of 1st semester

Third call of 2nd semester

Second call of 1st semester

     Summer session

First call of 2nd semester

Third call of 1st semester

Second call of 2nd semester

Before the announced deadline of each session students must REGISTER online (on the Moodle) for up to six subjects. The list cannot be changed after deadline.

Students who do not register before deadline will not be admitted to exams.

The schedule of exams will be announced at the earliest possible date, and at least one working day before the session starts.

It is mandatory for students to attend lectures, practical and laboratory classes of subjects in order to participate in the examination. Students who miss more than 25% of the total number of hours will not be allowed to participate in examinations.

Examination procedure:

It is mandatory for all students to arrive at the Examination venue 15 minutes before the announced exam start time, and respond immediately when their names are called out by invigilators. Students who arrive late or do not respond to the call of invigilators, may not be allowed into the examination room.

Students must have their ID-document ready to show to the invigilators during the identification process, before and after entering the Examination room.

If a student is not able to exhibit his/her ID-document due to valid reasons (Passport renewal or lost) he/she must immediately report about it to the dean office and provide all the required documents and information at least one working day before the examination. Students who do not comply with the requirements will not be allowed into the examination room.

The submission of an examination work under a false header (whatever the means will be, for example; exchange of ID documents, exchange of exam worksheets, falsification of ID documents, etc.) is a crime, not only a violation of internal rules of the University, and involved students will be expelled from the University.

It is strictly forbidden for students to bring any mobile phone or communication device to the examination, as well as any kind of electronic device not explicitly and preliminarily allowed by the professor in charge of the examination.

The University Administration offers the safekeeping of student's personal belongings.

The first time a student is found during exams with any kind of mobile phone, communication device or unauthorized electronic instrument, no matter if switched on or off, he/she will be immediately excluded from the University.

Students who are found with information on exam variants before the exam will be excluded from the University.

The student name, ID number, the whole work (including calculations, verbal and/or oral, multiple choice answers, etc.) must be written by a ballpoint pen. Information written by pencil will not be considered.

It is forbidden to bring any kind of information (papers, books, notes etc.) into the Examination room, unless explicitly allowed by the Professor. Any attempt of doing so is a reason to evaluate Exam result with failure score.

Students, who take the Examination Worksheet out of the room, exchange information with others, cheat or copy material during Examination will be excluded from the examination.

Students who do not submit Exam papers in announced time will be excluded from the current Examination and evaluated with failure score.

Students, who do not make a payment of tuition fees before the deadline announced by Marketing Department, will not be allowed to enter the Examination room.

Students who do not fulfill with the total annual payment of their tuition fees by the end of Academic Year they will not be allowed to progress, whatever the academic status will be.

Pro-Rector on Academic and

Scientific Matters

Prof. Andrea De Marchi                      

21 October 2016